MAD Accountants are proud to be a Business For Good

We're making a difference through B1G1

B1G1 is a social enterprise and not-for-profit organisation that helps small and medium businesses make a bigger impact on the world around them by embedding giving activities in everyday business operations. Their mission was to create a world full of giving and this has created unique Giving Stories that demonstrate how every business transaction can help to make a difference in a world where doing something so simple can create such an amazing impact. B1G1 success is down to leveraging the HUGE power of small where small businesses can change the world in a BIG way.
Making a Difference

How it works

As a small business we are able to leverage "the huge power of small" by embedding giving via the B1G1 global giving initiative into everything we do. So now we can say, “whenever something great happens to us, we make something great happen in our world.”

When this...Then That! When good...Then good!

Governments do NOT change our world. Business must become the real force for good in our world. We in business can now make this a reality. Contact us to find out how you can also become a part of this fantastic initiative.

We are immensely proud of our involvement in supporting B1G1 and the hundreds of projects they support all in line with the UN sustainability goals. Below are just some of the examples of how this works.

When a new client signs up for our service


We provide 1825 days of access to life-saving water to families in Ethiopia on your behalf

Water in Ethiopia

When we file your set of accounts


We give 1 day of business training to a woman in need in Malawi on your behalf

B1 G1 Business Training in Malawi

When we file your personal tax return


We give 30 days of medical protection to street dogs in Nepal on your behalf

Nepal Street Dogs Test

When we file your VAT return


We give 4 days of access to a bicycle as a mode of transportation to school for a girl in Cambodia on your behalf

B1 G1 Bike to School in Cambodia Jpeg

We file your Confirmation Statement


We provide 1 day of tuition to a child in Cambodia on your behalf.

B1 G1 Tuition in Cambodia Jpeg

If you follow us on Twitter


We will provide 7 days of grain to children in Malawi on your behalf as a thank you.

B1 G1 Grain seeds for children in Malawi Jpeg

When we re-fill a 15ltr bottle of filtered water in the office


We provide 30 days of access to water for a family in Cambodia...because we like to give back

B1g1 Filtered Water Cambodia Jpeg

Our impact

M.A.D. Accountants exist because we want to Make A Difference to the lives of people who use our services, and through B1G1, M.A.D. are also able to do that on a global scale.

When we said we wanted to make a difference, we really meant it.

Congratulations team. We have passed our goal. 300,000 smiles created...woo hoo.

340,000 and still climbing

Smiles around the world
See the details above for all of the projects that we have supported and been able to help. The map below shows all of the area's around the world where we have been able to "give back".
We are proud to be members of this fantastic giving movement. Over 1/4 billion smiles created globally.

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