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Being a business owner and trying to build a successful business is stressful enough without having to think about all the challenges with compliance, financial paperwork and the complexities regarding all of the different taxes and processes that might be associated with your business. All that time you thought you had seems to vanish and all of a sudden you have very little time to prepare for your year-end, you have not budgeted for a tax bill as you have been focused elsewhere and your records are in a mess! Well, the good news is, we have the back for our clients. We take the strain so you don't have to and relieve you of all that stress and if you work WITH us your records are never in a mess.

Our friendly team strive to give the business owner Peace of Mind by utilising our automated and digital systems to ensure that all of your statutory commitments are taken care of…when they should be taken care of. We send automated reminders from our internal GDPR compliant system so you never miss a key date, provide you with all the tools so you can access your financial information from any device anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and as we are MTD ready relieve you from concerns on meeting HMRC digital requirements in the future. We are ready for the 21st Century...are you? The services we provide not only give you "Peace of Mind" but can give you back some of that "Precious Time" that often seems so scarce. We provide relief for the business owner, taking away the pain and the complexity with statutory and legislative requirements...and as you would expect from a firm of qualified accountants we make sure you never pay a penny more in tax than you have to.

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Fee Protection Insurance

"No, not another insurance" I hear you say! Yes, it is, but this is something that all small business owners should consider, not only for the insurance cover it provides but for the additional benefits with the free advice lines on several pertinent topics that will be extremely useful to the business owner.

We have partnered with Vantage Fee Protect to provide our clients with an insurance to protect them against high accountancy fee's incurred should HMRC require an audit of a tax payers situation.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) are undertaking more enquiries and compliance checks than ever before. Anyone that pays tax can suffer an enquiry or compliance check by HMRC. If this happens to you:

  • You will have to prove that HMRC’s suspicions are unfounded
  • HMRC’s detailed and intrusive questions will take time to answer
  • A lot of work will have to be done to respond to the questions asked
  • The enquiries can drag on for months and sometimes years
  • Professional fees of hundreds or thousands of pounds may become due as a result.

The insurance will protect you against high accountancy fee's in the event of an inspection and will provide a list of other benefits as well. If you are not subscribed to this service already and would like a full breakdown of the benefits of this insurance please contact our team on 0115 998 9167 or e-mail info@madaccountants.global

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