Limited Company

Most limited companies see their accounts as a necessary evil...they are prepared probably 9 months after their year end and are viewed as a cost. Unfortunately they are unavoidable. They have to be produced to enable you to report income to HMRC and you must file your statutory accounts with Companies House....and if your accounts are either wrong or late both HMRC and Companies House impose penalties. These can be severe. This just adds to the pressure and stress of running your own business.

We aim to help the directors of a limited company by removing some of that stress and providing Peace of Mind that all of their compliance challenges are being looked after by a team of friendly professionals.

Giving you Peace of Mind

Below is a list of the services that we provide as a standard to our Limited Company business clients that help in providing Peace of Mind not just at the year-end but throughout your tenure with us and what we will need from you and how you get started with us...quickly and easily!

Transferring from another Accountant? Not a problem, we take care of all that for you and don't worry, your previous accountant will still talk to you.

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