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The Red Penguin Group is a managed service provider offering IT Support & VOIP Telecoms and VOIP Phones in Nottingham & the surrounding areas.

The company was formed by David and Dan who had been working together previously for a number of years.

Their combined experience of over 20 years in the Managed Service Provider sector put them in a really strong position from the start.

The Red Penguin Group

Launching in 2018 they had already reached the position in August 2019 where they could outsource their accountancy to help them focus on other elements of the business. When David and Dan were doing their own accounts they had chosen a piece of software called QuickBooks. So when they were looking for an accountant that’s where they turned. We’re one of QuickBooks recommended accountants and being local to them we were one of the companies David approached.

Why choose MAD accountants?

When David first approached us for help, we built a bespoke offering to suit his company’s needs. It was great that he’d already chosen some tools we’d recommend including QuickBooks Online. That meant we were able to build on the work he had already started and quickly get up and running. When we asked David what made him choose to work with us he said “I liked your approach, friendly and personable. I know you all by name, it’s nice to know who you're dealing with.” David said that he felt “comfortable” as soon as he met us and liked our “flexible approach”.

Working with MAD

The services The Red Penguin Group take from us have grown as their business has grown. We aim to make the accountancy side of things as simple as possible and like to think of ourselves as an extension of their team. So it was great to hear David say that he not only found us ‘great value for money’ but that we are “Very attentive and respond the same day” and that it was “Nice to have support at the end of the phone when you need it”.

We now provide:

Ltd Co accounts - We help to reduce the administrative burden by preparing annual accounts, allowing you to concentrate on running your business while giving you peace of mind that your accounts and returns are in order.

CT600 - We complete and file the Corporation Tax Return (CT600) form plus associated information, accounts, computations, statements and reports.

VAT Returns - VAT advice, filing the VAT returns, VAT control and reconciliation.

Bookkeeping - We collect all the receipts, bank statements and other papers and make sure that they are filed correctly to meet the requirements of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and other interested parties.

Personal tax return - We do all the necessary computations, complete your return, and even offer advice on how you can minimise your tax liability.

QuickBooks Online - This is our chosen cloud solution. This is great for having your business financial figures at your fingertips.

Receipt Bank - Supercharges your accounting by digitising and publishing receipts and invoices in a single click.

Receipt Bank

One of the new tools we introduced David to was Receipt Bank. We recommend it as it can save clients a lot of time. David said: “Receipt Bank is a really really, really good bit of software they enlightened me to. I was mainly doing it myself before and there were a couple of bits and bobs they taught me to do like how you file invoices. It's really good as you send everything through the Receipt Bank app on your smart device - it's a real time-saving piece of software. Not only will it work out what’s on the sales receipts but it will automatically publish them to our accounts if we need it too.”

As The Red Penguin Group continues to grow we’re looking forward to working with them to help them go from strength to strength. As a digital company, they are ideally suited to our own vision of using digital software to enhance business performance. We are a good fit for each other and look forward to working with David and Dan over the coming years. The additional services that may be required in the future may include Management Accounts, Budget and Cash Flow Forecasting and Advanced Tax Planning services as we help them achieve their goals while helping them reduce their tax liability.

I liked M.A.D.'s approach, friendly and personable. A small team and I know them all by name, it's nice to know who you're dealing with. I met them and just felt comfortable. I made a decision there and then. I just liked them, it's as simple as that.

David Hanley - The Red Penguin Group

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