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26th January 2022 / Core Accounting

Do I really need to use software to do my bookkeeping?

It is not a myth! Using accounting software like QuickBooks Online will make your life easier when doing your bookkeeping. It will save you time and, in the long run, money. Once you have adapted, you wont go back...!

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18th June 2021 / Core Accounting

What support can I get if I go self-employed or start my own business?

Have you heard people talking and posting about The Great Resignation 2021? We've put together some guidance if you or someone you know is thinking about starting their own business.

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23rd April 2021 / Core Accounting

How much dividend can I take?

There are certain things you need to keep in mind when paying dividends. It is actually a more complex area than is generally realised. We're going to look at some points that should be considered.

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17th December 2020 / Core Accounting

Are you ready for Brexit?

Do you trade with the EU? If you buy or sell goods then there are some urgent actions you must take.

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2nd September 2020 / Core Accounting

Maximise your Personal Allowance in your Salary

Do you earn £9,500 a year (or less) and you don’t know why?

This amount of employment income means you don’t pay any PAYE or national insurance, and no one wants to pay more tax than they have to!

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